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Service - It's in our name!

In a world where many copiers are similar, what separates the brands? Service. At Fowler / Imaging Concepts, service has always been the central part of our organization. We boast of the fact that we maintain your equipment for years longer than the competition. Of course we are happy to sell new equipment and keep you up to date with the most state of the art printers and copiers in the industry. We just know that servicing your machine and keeping it running for years after the purchase (average 8 years) or longer, in an industry that would have you roll it over in 30 months or less, says a lot about our ABILITY and WILLINGNESS to service your equipment and save you money!

We are here for YOU. 

Response Time

Most of the dealers promise customers a specific service response time. This could range from two to eight hours depending on a number of variables. It could depend on the number of techs a dealer employs, the technician's territory - rural or metro, also the nature of the call comes into play, and lastly how long did it take the dispatcher to return your call.

A "LIVE" Telephone Operator

Yes, we still ahve live operators to take your call. We just feel that the human experience is better than some fancy voice mail.

Certified Service Technicians

Our techs are confident and likeable. They have years of experience and they enjoy what they do. In addition to manufacture's certifications and trainings, our techs are IT Certitified in one or more disciplines. 

The Right Tools

All the new digital copier products require firmware upgrade. A dealership's technicians should be equipped with laptops in order to download firmware upgrades from the manufacturer into the copier.

The Ability to Communicate

Communication is critical in any business situation, which is why dispatchers and technicians must be able to communicate clearly and understandably with customers.

The Little Stuff

The technician should leave your equipment and surrounding areas clean upon completion of the service call. Technicians should also add toner to the machine if it is running low.


Once the problem has been fixed, the service tech or dealer's dispatch department should follow through to make sure that you were happy with the quality of service and confirm that the problem was fixed.

The Bottom Line

Dealers who posess many of the qualities listed will most likely provide you with the best service and service is what you are really buying in the long run.

When you tire of your equipment dealer telling you "we can't fix it, you need to get a new one" give us a call and we will stand with you through the years.

We service what we sell and we guarantee our service.

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