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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

RISO boasts dozens of industry “firsts” for both our digital duplicating and full-color inkjet printing technologies, and first among these is our FORCEJET™ technology, found exclusively in the RISO inkjet product line. This system utilizes a heatless imaging system that requires no fusing during the printing process, and eliminates the need for additional cooling in your printing environment.
Unlike other printing methods, the print heads in a RISO are stationary, resulting in a much simpler paper path through the machine. The elimination of multiple rollers and heating elements in the printing process prevents curling of the paper as it moves through the machine, reducing paper jams and trouble with folders and inserters.
The fixed position of the print heads, combined with the heatless application of RISO inks to the page, results in a clean, immediately dry output, and makes possible the extremely high printing speeds found in ComColor inkjet printers – outputs of 150 ppm and better in full color.

All of this makes a RISO’s printing output cool, flat, and dry – and unlike any other.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015



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