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Paper Size


    SF 5450 EII

    model #: SF5450

    The SF5450 EII Digital Duplicator

    RISO offers outstanding productivity through high speed and low cost.

    Achieving 1000 pages printed in approx. 7 minutes, this is the world’s fastest printing speed in this range. This surprisingly rapid rate will efficiently support your heavy paperwork requirements.


    Outstanding Quality

    High image quality 300 × 600 dpi printing achieves sharp and clear output with the higher image quality. The newly designed scanner attains smooth tonal gradation even with photo images. It can now reduced blown-out highlights, decrease image deterioration through improved image processing, and deliver a clearer output.


    Go Green

    The SF series consumes 1/10th the energy, compared with energy star guidelines. The rice bran oil ink contributes to environment sustainability. Rice bran, which would be otherwise wasted, is a raw material with no VOCs, so after the oil is extracted for the ink. It can subsequently be used as fertilizer or animal feed.